Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Detroit Sports Fandom

Being a Detroit Sports Fan is emotionally exhausting. It truly is.
I realize I am late to the game here, as I have only been a fan for a little over 3 years. I have grown up liking Detroit enough but when I moved away from home I realized that Michigan is the best state despite what people say. When I moved home I decided to was time to be a sports fan.

So here I am, all geared up to be a Detroit sports' fan with my (then) boyfriend as my guide.

I started learning how to play hockey, baseball, football..oh by play I mean watch...play football, play baseball. Basketball? As a previous cheerleader, I had that game down.

I watched game after game with expectations high as a kite.

When the crushing reality came slowly creeping in.

We don't win.

Very often.

Here is one thing I can count on being a Detroit's sports fan: we may not win but we have a lot spirit. We love the players and coaches and want to see Detroit do well. We want to be known for good things and not be laughed at. We loved Jim Swartz and are sad to see him go. Ausmus is my homeboy. And by WE I think I mean me.

I love Detroit sports and I always will.

Win or Lose, it's how you play the game. Right?

Do you like sports? What is your favorite team? Are they good?


  1. I'm a Miami team fan all the way, win or lose (there's always hope!!)

  2. I'm not really into sports but our UK Wildcats spark my interest when they head to the Final Four! :)

  3. See, I'm not THAT into sports. I like college sports, but very rarely do I care about professional sports. I do really love Formula One Racing (if that even counts as a sport). I'm all about the college football, though! Gig'em Aggies.

  4. That's right!! There is always hope!! love it :)

  5. That's always fun, too! our college teams are pretty good, too :)

  6. College Football is fun, too! There is a huge rivalry between Michigan State and U of Michigan here. 90% of my family like U of M and I like State. It's mainly just fun to go against the crowd haha

  7. I love my local sports teams but they NEVER make it to the playoffs! Haha. They almost never win because they always get cocky in the first half. But Atlanta teams are still the best!!

  8. This cracks me up. Those pictures! haha! My hubs is from PA so we are big Eagles & Penn State fans :) I am finally learning how football works, haha!

  9. haha It's all about team spirit and if you have fun watching!!

  10. Once I learned how the game is actually played I was hooked! So much strategy! it's so interesting!

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  12. Thanks so much! I'll be posting my response tomorrow!!


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