Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stoner moments

It's an obvious observation that I am blonde. I have been a brunette before and it was a scary and unfortunate time. 

Anyways, I digress. I am blonde and that leads some people to believe that I am stupid, ditzy, ya know things like that. Sometimes people are right, I can be an airhead, but other times I am really smart. I am a deep thinker. I get these thoughts that are just like - mind blowing to me. When I share them with others - they sometimes laugh. 

They say I sound like a stoner. One who smokes weed. So I wanted to get your opinion are these thoughts stoner thoughts or am I just appreciating life's little wonders?

I really do not understand how cameras work. How can you point your phone or camera at something and then suddenly there is a copy of it on your screen!?!? One second it is in the air and the next - it's digital! Let's say I point my camera at my keyboard
Now that image is in my camera. Whoa.

birds flying in a v
A few months back I was driving with Philip and I noticed some birds flying in a "V" formation. I noticed the bird in the front suddenly moved to the back and a new front bird "stepped up". I know that this is something that birds do. Something about getting tired and letting other birds lead the way. but HOW do they know??! Who taught them this? When did this start!?! Who was the first bird to be like "Yo, I have this awesome idea to get us to Florida..." I. Don't. Get. It.

Whoville Snowflake
My favorite Christmas movie is How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey. It is hysterical. This year when I was watching it I had this thought. Ya know at the end when the perspective gets zoomed out and you realize Whoville is on a snowflake?? It just keeps going and going out and out. It made me think about God. How big He is. How small I am. How there are so many people, and so many snowflakes, and He knows me by name. And how many Whovilles there are out there! 

What even is a yawn??? Why, when you're tired, you shot your mouth open!?! Why? What is that accomplishing? Why do we yawn when someone else yawns? Why am I yawning as I type this? I need answers. 

Alright those are my thoughts. I started writing my little revelations down so that I could remember them. When I get more I will let you know. We can marvel at them together.

What do you think? Do I just have the munchies? Or am I a deep thinker?


  1. you are the deepest freaking thinker that i know. i freaking love it.

  2. I don't think you sound like a stoner! They're just jealous that they don't think as deep as you do!

  3. Okay I can explain the yawning thing :) So your body breathes on it's own right? Well sometimes the rhythm of the breathing gets off (either due to too much movement or being tired) so the body yawns to reset the rhythm and to get more oxygen into the system to sustain the rhythm a bit better. A person with anxiety will yawn more often than someone without anxiety because they are already in a state of "panic" and are naturally breathing a bit more shallow. The reason we yawn when someone else yawns is due to these wonderful things called mirror neurons (or copy cat neurons). They get excited when we see something "new" so they try to mimic or copy cat what they see. So that's why when someone yawns or touches their face we tend to mimic the behavior.

    And there's your random fact of the day haha :)

  4. Dance With A DollyMarch 10, 2015 at 10:45 AM

    Haha! Loved this post. And I think you are a deep thinker like myself. Wink, wink. My daughter watches this show that takes place underwater and they characters go camping and have a bonfire. And I am like wait what? How do they have a fire underwater? I really over think things. P.S. Love The Mighty Ducks!!

  5. Haha you are cracking me up! Love the camera comment - so true!!!!

  6. I actually knew the yawning thing... I feel like a genius.
    Yep - Dr. Suess was onto something... just like Horton hears a Who ... a whole world on the end of a little fluffy weed.

  7. I totally get these questions. I don't think you're a stoner at all... Or maybe I'm a stoner too... The world will never know...

  8. haha!! you crack me up! so not a stoner...just a deep thinker! :)

  9. hahahah I think we both may be stoners...just kidding!

  10. I should have known about yawning.. totally just yawned again! Yeah Dr. Suess he knows what's up!

  11. haha! It is So confusing! I don't get it!!

  12. I don't get shows like that! How does that even happen??? I LOVE the Might Ducks Movies!

  13. Jackie you are SO smart! I never knew! It makes sense...now!


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