Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yoga Goals Update

Back in December I posted my yoga page. Since I really think that everyone can benefit from yoga I decided to list all of the benefits I have gotten from yoga as well as my goals that I have in yoga. Since then I have been working towards my goals. I have made some progress in some so I thought I'd give an update. 

Goal 1: Elbows on the ground in forward fold.
Even though technically the pose can be done however close my elbows are to the ground - this is just the point of flexibility I want to be at.

Before November 21, 2014
Update: March 21, 2015
Elbows are just a teensy bit lower, but definitely lower

Goal 2:  Crow Pose
November 21, 2014

Update March 21, 2015

Goal 3:
November 21, 2014

Update March 21, 2015

Getting closer, working on getting my left left out straight

Have you tried yoga yet? What are your yoga goals? Any favorite poses?


  1. You're doing awesome! You're an inspiration!

  2. dANG MARY-KEITH! THAT LAST ONE!!!! beast mode activated!!!

  3. Love this update! You look lots more toned in these updated pictures...not that you don't in the first ones! It's just cool to see progress!
    I am so working on my heels touching the ground in downward dog! Any tips on that?

  4. Thank you! haha no I for sure was NOT toned at first I have really enjoyed seeing progress in that...even thought that is vain!

    My hamstrings are pretty tight so at the start of class I usually can't get my heels down but by the time I am warmed up I can. My best tips are: make sure your arms are active and pushing your hips high, that will draw your heels down. Down dog is supposed to be an active resting posture. which is tricky because you're recovering and usually not thinking about activating your muscles! I always draw my shoulders back and actively push up on my arms and push my hips up. Also "Pedaling" your feet (alternating bending your knees" will warm up your hamstrings and make them more flexible!

    That was kinda all over the place - hope it helps!!! Post a pic on IG if you have it and tag me in so I can see how you're doing! (Marykeithp)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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