Friday, March 6, 2015

5 Things On My Wishlist Right now

It's Friday! Friday! I woke up signing Rebecca Black this morning. This is how you know it is going to be a good day. Today I am going to share with you 5 Things on my Wishlist right now. Another appropriate title would be "Things I Keep Bugging my Husband About" I asked Philip to help me come up with this list and he had no problem spouting off things. hehehe

Everything. Single. Thing. In the Calia line By Carrie Underwood

These Canvas shoes from Target. I had them in my cart yesterday and I just said "no" but I can't stop thinking about them. In case you're wondering I'm a size 8. (wink)

I use this Lavender oil every single day and we're almost out

My nose ring! I have a stud in right now but I really want a ring. This is me about 3.5 years ago. I had to take it out because it got all messed up but my stud is healed and ready for a hoop! Every time Philip asks me what I want to do I say "Go to Ann Arbor and get my hoop!!!" Subtle.

 I want to go down to Florida to see a Spring Training game SO BAD! We have so many good friends in Florida and pretty much every single one of them has offered us a place to stay if we want to go to down and see a game. I bring it up every other day, at least. I understand that we shouldn't and it would not be wise. However it doesn't mean I don't want to!

And, more froyo. But I think I am getting that tonight <3 Have a safe and wonderful weekend, you!

What is on your Wishlist right now? Anything Similar to mine? I'd love to know!


  1. Yes! Love Lavender!!!! Great list! That warm weather and sunshine in the last pic looks delightful!

  2. Random -- I've totally wanted a nose ring just like that for awhile now... Everyone I know says I can't pull it off. Haha!

  3. OK... I was hooked on the grey shoes but now you've got me loving this color!! I'm going to end up with both - watch & see :)
    PS - I've ALWAYS wanted a nose ring. :)

  4. I want those same shoes but since I am on my 40 Days no spend challenge, I have to wait until April. I think you and Phillip should just go for it. Drive down, stay with your friends and go to a game. You never know, it might be the best trip you've ever had!

  5. I just found out about the Calia line yesterday and I already want to shop it all. I might be making a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods very soon.

    A spring training game sounds amazing. I wish y'all could go!

  6. Lavender just has so many amazing uses! I can't wait until it is warm here!

  7. I think you totally could! I LOVE nose rings!

  8. I can;t wait to see which ones you get! My amazing mother in law bought me the teal shoes!!! GET A NOSE RING!!!

  9. oh my gosh you gotta get them they are SO cute!!! We're going to Hawaii in April with my in laws sooo I can't quite convince him to go! BUT we're going to go to a few games in regular season this year!

  10. I am So in love with this line! everything is soo cute! They don't have Dick;s up here I'm going to Rochester I think to check it out!

  11. Tell me when you come down; we should meet up and go together!


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