Tuesday, March 3, 2015

21 Day Fix Review & Results

WE DID IT! We finished the 21 Day Fix! We each had a few cheats, we're only human! This past Saturday was rough for us. Sunday our church had a Pizza Palooza to end our Family Challenge month soooo we just went ahead and ended it a meal early. I forgot how much I like Pizza!
Read about our halfway point here

Here's what I learned on the 21 Day Fix
1) Pizza is so good but after having it, it wasn't as good as I remembered. I felt heavy and kinda gross after eating it. Instead of the light and energetic feeling I had during the 21 Days.
2) Eating healthy isn't that hard.  As long as healthy food is kept in the house and bad food isn't eating healthy is pretty easy.
3) Healthy food can taste really good! My most favorite thing was a fruit smoothie! If I saved both of my fruit for the day...even better! Roasted Veggies are actually really good. My taste buds never really "grew up" from when I was a kid until this past month. Who woulda thunk that food that isn't a bagel can be delicious? 
4) How to cook. I am pretty sure I cooked more in the last 21 Days than I did my entire marriage combined! I had no choice but to cook. After I added some variety besides all kinds of chicken...I really think I did well and I gained a lot of confidence in my skillz.
5) I get hungry when I work out. There were more than one days when I had eaten all the food I was allowed and I was still so hungry by the end of the day. Days when I went to yoga and did the workout were the worst. 

So I have to confess we never took our measurements. whoops. I just kept forgetting. So I probably won't know how "successful" I was in that aspect.


Weight Lost: 8 lbs
Inches Lost: The world will never know!
Biggest Lesson Learned: I am stronger than I think I am. In 2 ways - by the last day I was barely using the modifier (holla, Kat!) and I had upped my weights to 5 light and 10 heavy from 3 light to 5 heavy! Second way - I can excersie self-control and make much better food choices!
Would you do it again? YES! Next week I will be starting round 2
What would you change? I would 1) measure myself & take front/back/side pictures 2) follow the eating plan 100% as far as cheats..but I think I will eat when I am hungry if it isn't too late in the day
Are you happy with your results? Fa Sho! I think my arms are much more toned and I don't think I'll ever have a 6-pack.  I have more energy and I can't wait to keep pushing myself and be more active.


Weight Lost: 10 lbs
Biggest Lesson Learned: How important a diet is along with working out consistently.
Would you do it again? Yeah I would do it again, I think the 21 Day Fix is a great way to reset some bad habits that have been created so that I can start creating better ones.
What would you change? The one thing I would change would be making sure I’m pushing myself even harder each and every workout. I feel like I could have put a little extra into each one and I bet I would have seen even more results if I would have done that.
Are you happy with your results?  visually I would have liked to see more results, but I think the health benefits and the resetting of bad habits is much more important and I’m very happy with those results. I’m ready to take a lighter body and start to build muscle on top of it

Would you want to do the 21 Day Fix? Do you think we accomplished what we set out to do? I do! Let me know what you think!


  1. Stephanie GriffioenMarch 3, 2015 at 10:16 AM

    Your arms were the first thing I noticed before I even read your post! Way to go girlie!

  2. KUDOS to you!!!!!
    Yeah - when you go back to eating something that is heavy after something like that - it does feel different in your body. But still - yippee for pizza :)
    You look tighter in your belly girl! Glad you took the challenge!! Proud of you!

  3. First thing I noticed in your AFTER pic...Look at those arms!! They look so toned!! I'm jealous!! :) Good for you...and so proud of you for going for round 2!!

  4. thanks!! I am pretty pumped about them, i can't lie :)

  5. Thank you!!! It was hard but looking back it wasnt that bad.

  6. Pizza is definitely my weakness! Good for you for finishing! You both look great!

  7. Dang so awesome!! You look great!!! We are health nuts already and so I love this post!

  8. thank you! I am proud of myself for finishing! :)

  9. Thank you! With everyday I am turning more and more into a health nut! I just feel so gross after I eat bad foods!


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