Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Decorations

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! Holly Jolly!
I have had my Christmas decorations up for almost a month already. No shame, I am not sorry. I love Christmas. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas lights are beautiful. Christmas trees are festive. Christ came as a baby to save us, the course of History was changed. And 25 days is NOT enough to change that! Nope, not one bit. So, since I love Christmas, and my little home. I am combining those things with a tour of Christmas decorations! 
I got this sign when my mom and mother-in-law and I went up to a friend's house and we stopped at this little country store filled wall to wall with Christmas decorations. xoxo
My sweet cousin, Vanessa, from Germany sent me this last year for my Christmas gift! This is straight from the Motherland!! He actually blows smoke out of his mouth from his little pipe. This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations, ever. 

Every year when I was growing up my mom would get each of us kids an ornament that held special meaning from the previous year or the coming year. This year Philip and I went to Bronner's and picked out an ornament for each other. Philip got me this road trip ornament because we are going to road trip to Florida this year!

We got these two last year because, well, we got married. The second one says "The Piasecki's Est 2013" It is so beautiful and perfect!!
This is the ornament I got Philip this year because, you see, he is a worship leader. So it's clever. 

Got these stars at Ikea this year, love! 

My Mother in law MADE me this after I said I liked a similar one. She's the best MIL there has ever been. 
Everything I have with a snowman on it is from my mom. She has an extensive snowman collection and when she downsized to her condo I got a large dosage of her snowmen. These salt and pepper shakers always make me laugh because they fit together so funny. I'm 12. 
These was our first tree and this year a wonderful couple from church donated their tree to us. I put it up in our guest room. My cousin Vanessa is coming TODAY!!! and staying until Thursday and I can't wait! I wanted her room to be festive and welcoming. xoxox

Do you decorate your house for Christmas? If you blogged about it, put your link below and I will check it out! I LOVE decorations! Do you decorate with a theme? Anything sentimental?


  1. so festive! i love the "merry & bright" sign and the star lanterns!!

  2. It's so fun and festive! I love it all!

  3. Love your decorations! Everything looks great!

  4. I'm joining in a link up tomorrow for my Christmas decorations.
    I always love seeing everyone's special touches.
    Love those dear ornaments that mean so much!

  5. Your home is beautiful! I LOVE decorations that hold meaning - and aren't just "because they match"! Because we're moving, I put up the tree. That's all. Just the tree. But, last year, I totally outdid myself - even in our tiny place!! and that was just in one room. I absolutely can't wait to decorate our new home next Christmas!!!

  6. Love your decorations. I love the ornaments inside the lantern, every year I say I am going to do it and I always forget. As soon as I get home today, it's time to decorate lanterns! I love the sign and how you put up a tree in the guest room. So festive!!

  7. I AM LAUGHING AT THE SNOWMAN SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS. i love the star lights in the window.

  8. Love the decorations! I plan on sharing mine soon!

  9. So many great decorations!!! I love it!!!
    Melanie @


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