Monday, December 8, 2014

Thank you, Sweet Sofa

Dear Sofa,

Thank you for being you. I know we have not been together for very long. We bought you just in March, a few short months ago. But you, dear sofa, have already changed my life. You and your cloud like cushions have soothed me into sweet slumber faster than my own bed.

Even through Booth and Bones solving gruesome crimes, Lorelai and Rory talking 100 miles a minute, through the hilarious quips of New Girl, through the edge-of-my-seat comebacks by the Detroit Lions; you have gently rocked me to sleep. 

On the contrary, you have supported my head and back with expert precession whilst working on blog posts, reading literature, studying my Bible, or watching movies with my husband. 

You have been a topic of conversation at all Growth Community meetings as the race is on to get a seat on you, instead of the kitchen chairs. You have provided a place where many plans have been made, conversations had, and an argument or two settled. 

So Dearest Sofa mine, this goes out to you, just for being you. You have my back and I want to shout it, shout it to the world. "Long Live Sofia the Sofa!"

P.S. - Am I the only one who feels this strongly about their sofa? How was your weekend??

Ember Grey: Grateful Heart


  1. LOL, this is FANTASTIC! I feel the same way about my sofa, too!

  2. Hey... we just got rid of our sofa we had when we first started dating. I totally teared up & was like, "That sofa took care of us so many times" :) haha

  3. I love me a good couch ;) this time a year a blanket and a good book make it even more comfy!

  4. that is where I will sleep when I come visit so I love that sofa too ;D hahaha

  5. haha thank you! they're a very overlooked piece of furniture :)

  6. The sofa literally has your back. Hilarious!

  7. haha!! You are definitely not alone on this... we just got rid of our sofa and will be getting a new one when we move next week - I already feel very skeptical and am taking this sofa search VERY seriously ;) Thanks for linking up this week, Mary-Keith!


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