Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Goals

Dang it is already November! Ca. Ra. Zay! 

Since last month was my first month setting goals I didn't have goals to catch cha up on but this month I do! So, let's see how I did!

October Goals:

  • Read half of Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker HA! Didn't even crack that one open again.
  • Don't go crazy from training M-F 7-11PM for 4 weeks I survived! It was rough and I was tired but I did it and I passed my certification!
  • Carve Pumpkins with my husband. nope.
  • Keep up with my yoga practice 1x/week with the exception of 1 week I did this! I am so glad I did!
  • And finally, blog 3x a week and build my blogging skills and make blog friends I actually went above and beyond this! I blogged 4-5 times a week and made a bunch of blog friends - it was awesome!

    So here are the November Goals:
    1. Read 100% of my Blogging for Books book! If I finish that - start Interrupted again.
    2. Yoga 3x/week again
    3. Not only blog 3-5 times a week but good content - come up with a game plan for December
    4. Find at least 2 guest post idea for December and contact people to do them
    5. Get Philip a great birthday gift
    6. Make a meal planning schedule and meal plan for 2 weeks 
    That's all I am going to do - only 6. I want to set reasonable goals you see - small attainable goals or else I just quit.

    Do you have any goals for November? Tell me about them!!


    1. I wanted to finish my books, too... that didn't happen. Oh well. Here's to November!

    2. I really want to do a goal of reading during November... & all of winter!

    3. I love goal setting! These are great ones! And...I'm so glad I've recently found your blog! I thought I was following you, but apparently wasn' NOW!! Whoohooo!!

    4. great goals my dear! I need to think of a great birthday gift for Josh in January. why are they so hard to shop for?? lol!

    5. That blogging for books thing looks interesting! I'll have to check that out! Great goals for the month :)

    6. so far I have failed every month! but it is nice to have something to look back on and work towards!

    7. Oh I am so glad you are following me now :) Goal setting is awesome - I don;t know why I never did it before!

    8. well Philip likes super expensive things - like guitars! and he tries to pool his money from everyone and get one big gift so it doesn't leave a lot of options for the rest of us. it's annoying!

    9. It's so great! I think it is a great idea!! Thank you - I hope I can stick to them!

    10. What great goals!!

    11. I have "read a book" on my November goals... mine should be my blogging for books one too... that I've had for like a year. bahahaha. fail.

    12. Those are great goals!!! It looks like November will be great!
      Melanie @

    13. You can do it!

    14. Are you referring to getting you a good gift?? just kidding I love you!


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