Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 Tips to get The Job

I am not a Human Resource Director, no ma'am I am not. Nor am I a HR Recruiter, no I turned down that position. I do however answer the phone at a company with nearly 900 employees. I also work as the assistant to the HR department, and I am very close with the peeps who do the hiring. So I know a thing or two about getting a job. So, since I am an endless fount of knowledge I figured it is only right for me bestow this information on you - the job seeker.

Obviously, be confident. You're selling yourself to the recruiter. Ya what them to think you are just grand. But here comes my first tip: go ahead and take a shower before you show up to your interview. I understand you might be interviewing for a dirty job, but you don't need to show up covered in dirt and smelling like BO - that's just rude.

Remember who your interview is with when you come.  "I have an interview today" "ok and who is your interview with?" [insert excuse here] I've heard every excuse in the book "Oh I just forgot it when I got here" "I am just too excited I forgot it" "They never told me their name" Do I look like an idiot? I know they told you their name. It takes one second to write down the name, very little effort, write it on your hand for all I care. Similarly, when the company calls you for a phone interview LISTEN to the message before you call back to know who called you!

Remember: if they say don't call them, they'll call you - they mean it! People call all day, everyday checking on their interview, checking on applications, check on their background check. All this does is annoy the receptionist and slow down the hiring process. Every call you make, every message you leave slows it down. People are busy they don't have time to call you and update you on every step of the way. They will probably only call if they want to move forward. If they haven't called there is either no answer or they don't want to move forward. 

Don't give the receptionist 'tude! Hi, that's me, and I actually know the person you are trying to get to hire you. It's not my fault they didn't answer your call, and I cannot make them appear in the office - do don't take that tone with me, Missy! I might be below you, beneath you, or just a roadblock trying stop you from getting a job but, I am just doing my job, informing you to leave them a message and IF they want to move forward AND have an answer THEY WILL CALL YOU!!!!

When you call to get information, have a pen handy. Say you're meeting someone for an interview at a neutral location. Because they are a statewide company and if for whatever reason they "didn't" give you their cell phone number. So you call the main office for directions, a phone number, an email, what have you and I start giving you the message and then you say "hold on I need to find a pen" and/or "I have to pullover" I'm sorry did you not just seek me out for information?!? HAVE A PEN HANDY!

Disclaimer: these tips might not apply to every business. Sometimes hounding the company and being, eager...can help you get the job. 

Do you have any other tips to add? Did you find these tips helpful?


  1. YES YES and YES! not at my most recent job, but the one before, I was in on the hiring process for my department and WHY don't people take showers?! I mean c'mon! common sense, people! and don't LIE on your resume. If you claim to be an excel expert, and they hire you for excel work... um, busted! now you're out of a job because you lied.

  2. I'm surprised at people & how they don't come dressed for an interview. How people think jeans & tennis shoes are acceptable - blows my mind.

  3. I love this list! That must be so annoying having people be rude to you, just because someone didn't pick up their call. Don't people think before they speak?!
    Melanie @

  4. oh that's another great one! When people lie all it does it screw them over and make people mad! If they were honest maybe they could work it out. ugh!

  5. me too! Even for a custodial position I've had people come in PAJAMA pants! not ok!

  6. Thank you :) I don't know what people's problems are! they think being mean will get them what they want!

  7. These are great tips! I always feel like it is so hard to not call them back!!

    I tagged you in my writing process post. I really enjoy reading your blog and I would love to hear about your process!

  8. Thank you so much Emily!! I just got tagged to do the Tour Through Blog Land with the same questions, I wonder if is the same thing but with a different title?? Well I will be posting this on Monday but I will make sure that I say that you asked me to! thanks so much! I can't wait to read about your writing process!


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