Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tigers "Shower" Story

This past Summer Philip (Husband) was gone a lot. Between camps, a guys weekend, and jail ministry in Ohio I had to be alone a lot this summer.

While he was gone my baby fever got taken to new heights. Though most of me isn't ready for kids, there is a growing part of me that is just like "BABIES"

So Philip was at camp and he doesn't get cell service but I usually send him a slew of text messages to read when he does get  service. I had been perusing Pinterest and decided when we have a baby I want Detroit Tiger's themed Baby shower. So I text Philip "when we have a baby I want a Tigers shower". A few hours later he text back and said "That sounds great, babe"

Then when he got home from camp out of the blue he said "I just don't think we have enough bathrooms in this house to have a Tigers shower" I just stared at him in COMPLETE bewilderment. Then it clicked and I could not stop laughing.
I asked him about a dozen times if he was serious. He had no idea what was so funny but said "yes, we only have 1 full bath in this house and the kids will be fine without a Tigers shower"

I now have tears streaming down my face and I am on the ground laughing.
Poor guy.

I finally managed to squeak out "Baby! Baby Shower!"

My poor sweet husband. So innocent. So precious. So hilarious. 

In case you were wondering: he is now totally on board with a Tigers themed BABY shower. 

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