Wednesday, September 24, 2014

26 Goals for my 26th Year

I just turned 26! I am now closer to 20 than I am 30 that is just a titch unsettling.

So I decided to make this year more intentional by making a list of 26 goals for this this

1. Fall more in love with Jesus I don't know if this needs any explanation but my prayer is to crave reading the Bible and miss it if I don't.
2.Conquer my giant, huge, crippling fear of flying This one goes along with goals 3 and 4 but I really hope I can get over this.
3.Go to Hawaii This trip is planned for the week after Easter! No plane tickets have been bought yet though.
4.Go to Germany We haven't gotten dates for this planned 100% either but we are thinking in August 2015.
5.Go to at least 2 Tiger's games I don't think this will be very hard - I went to 5 this year.
On my Birthday at Comerica Park
6.Finally figure out how to apply eye liner. It's just time for this to happen. Please help me.
7.Go Up North If you don't know "Up North" is the upper half of Michigan and it is GORGEOUS and I haven't been up in 2 summers now, this MUST change.
8.Read 6 books This averages out to be 1 every 2 months - gotta be reasonable here, folks.
9.Do yoga 3x a week I wanted to set a yoga goal but if I don't meet it I will be very disappointed and maybe quit.
10.Run a 5k I used to run 5 miles without blinking HA! so 3.1 seem do-able.
11.Quit my job and work from home. I have a work from home opportunity that I will start training for in October... if I have the courage.
12.Paint 2 pictures Last year I painted 1, this year I have started 1 so I want to finish it and completely start and finish another one.
13.Communicate better with my husband I fancy myself a good communicator but in reality, I don't think I am.
14.Stop saying "I'm sorry" for every little thing I'm sorry but I just say  I am sorry for everything, sorry.
15.Learn how to cook I can make meals that are edible, but I want to cook meals that are amazing.
16.Start meal planning I have done this maybe 3 times and I never regret it, why can't I make this a habit?
17.Take more pictures I hope this won't be too hard for me to do.
18. Blog at least 3x week Here we are on week 3 and so far, so good.
19.Have 10 followers on my blog I don't even know how to go about doing this exactly but I am gunna try.
20.See my family at least once a month I live 45 minutes from my family and I only see them every 6 - 8 weeks, NOT OKAY!
21.Go to coffee with 8 women from church I really want to get to know the women in my church but I am not good at building relationships on my own.
22.Get my self confidence back! I am not sure when I lost this, but I have really been unsure of myself this past year I don't like it!
23.See our church reach 200 people - not on Easter Right now we have about 100-120 on a Sunday I pray everyday that God would grow His church.
24.Conquer my anxiety This is a giant and daunting goal but I am going to try.
25.Memorize 2 verses/month She Reads Truth has been a life changer and made this more attainable.
26.Live in the moment - don't look toward the next season of life. You may or may not know I am super duper excited to have babies one day but I find myself daydreaming about it way too much
Those are my goals - I will probably check in on my half-birthday and see how we are doin'.

What about you? What are some goals you have for the year? 

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