Friday, September 19, 2014

New Camera

Oh myyyy goodness! I got a camera!

My birthday is Monday and I convinced my husband to let me open a present early. Because, I am a child and i LOVE presents & and I love my birthday.

I had been asking for a fancy pants camera because we are embarking on our "Year of Lasts" basically the year before we have babies. We plan on traveling a bunch, and wanted a shmancy camera to take pictures with. 

Well I got home from work and I asked politely begged Philip to give me my presents. He finally caved (because, all I do is win) and he gave me a camera!!

Isn't she gorgeous? I think she needs a name. Something Regal. 

A friend from church works at Best Buy, in the camera section and we told him what we wanted it for and our budget and he knew exactly the one he thought he should get. And then, by some miracle, one got returned and therefore was on sale and boom! Camera.

I took a few test shots before we took 'er out to the Local Homecoming game.


Sony A6000
25 MGP

Please excuse my disheveled room.

WOOHOO!! I'm going to go study the manual now.

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