Friday, September 26, 2014

Coffee Date & Glorious Friday

I got an email that a coffee linkup was coming so I just decided to go with that for today because I was going to do a week round up today anyway and this just seemed like more fun.

Come on in, friends. I have decaf & regular. Cream or Hazelnut creamer, ya know, because it's fall now.

I guess I'll start - then you tell me about your week.

Sunday: Started off at church & I didn't have to do the powerpoint for the music or preaching. I got to be a regular ole fashion church goer. It was so refreshing. Then after we went down to Taste of Clarkston. Sunday night we had our 2nd Growth Community - I was nervous because only 4 people came last week but this week we had 12 people total! I was amazed!

Monday: MY BIRTHDAY! I turned 26 and my awesome friends at work got me gifts and decorated my office - I also wore a birthday crown all day. Then the Tiger's game & we stayed at Motor City Casino Hotel that night! so much fun!
Tuesday: I got to sleep in - in the most comfortable bed ever. Then I met my coworkers in Detroit to put flyers up around the city for a new account the company I work for got. This was an adventure to say the lease. Then after I went out to dinner with friends for my birthday.

Wednesday: work (yawn) then yoga class yay! I did a tri-pod headstand and a headstand. Getting better slowly but surely.

Thursday: a SUPER frustrating day at work. Here's a tip: when looking for a job, LISTEN to a voicemail before calling back & remember WHO you are having an interview with before you show up. Also, shorts and/or a tshirt are not ideal interview attire. Then my first Vinyasa yoga class, I had been doing Intro classes up to this point, and I was dripping in sweat but felt amazing after.

Friday: well that's today but I get to see my one and only and most favoritest nephew tonight!!! And see the rest of my family for my birthday dinner!

In summation: It was a great week, I felt super loved even though some parts were difficult.

Enough about me. What was your week like? Let's chat.

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