Monday, February 23, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 15 UPDATE

Today is Day 15 of the 21 Day Fix! So far we have done pretty well! We have survived! Day 2 I had a killer detox headache! It was probably the worst headache I remember having. I tried to take a nap and get rid of the pain but the pain was so great that I couldn't take a nap. 
Here are EIGHT things I have learned from my first 2 weeks of the 21 Day Fix.
1) I hate Cardio. I can handle the weights, the yoga, the Pilates, but the cardio- makes want to yell mean words at my TV. 
2) Detoxing makes me cranky. Sorry, Philip.
3) I love ice cream. Ok, I already knew this but here we are day 15 and it remains true. The very day this has ended Philip and I are going to get FRO YO! 
4) 1 Fruit Serving is 1/2 of a banana NOT a whole nana. Turns out I was having way too much fruit there for a while. 
5) I hate spinach in my eggs. It was Day 1 Meal 1. I had just turned off the first workout DVD half way through because I was doing it on an empty stomach. I made eggs with some peppers, onions, and spinach. I gagged. If I am going to have veggies for breakfast it's gotta be pulverized in a smoothie.
6) Eating healthy isn't really that bad. Sure it is expensive. Sure whole wheat bread is not even 1/2 as satisfying as an everything bagel covered in cream cheese. But it is do-able. 
7) Autumn Calabrese tells me I can do anything for 60 seconds. Autumn Calabrese is a liar.

8)Variety is key. The first week we had A LOT of chicken. I mean, I basically grew feathers. Week 2 we added some more turkey options and it was better. For the last week I am going to look up a few more recipes to throw into the mix.  

After the 21 Day Fix I am going to post Philip and I's before and after pictures and our overall experience. I hope we can stay just as strong the last week. 

Do you eat healthy? How do you do it? What is your favorite type of workout?


  1. (You wrote you hate yoga.... I know you meant cardio)... the way you feel about cardio? That's how I feel about yoga :) haha
    So is this 21 day fix something you can do as a vegetarian since you ate so much chicken the first week?
    I thought 1 banana was a serving too... oops!

  2. oh my gosh! I need to fix that! thank you!

    I believe you can because yogurt is listed as a protein.It would just be a lot of yogurt because you need 4 servings of it/day.

  3. Haha! I love your picture! I feel like that most days after yoga!

  4. haha I love the feeling of a good workout but i also hate it!

  5. even anchor socks. love it. and life's short. eat the whole banana. FREEZE THE BANANA AND BLEND IT AND IT IS FAKE ICE CREAM I AM TELLING YOU

  6. ok im going to try it! do you put anything in it besides nanners?

  7. can you have peanut butter? you can add peanut butter!!


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