Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Removing Salt Stains from Leather Boots

So it's winter. Which here in Michigan translates into ice. snow. sun zero temperates. misery. and truck loads of salt being dumped onto roads and sidewalks. truck loads. salt is everywhere in the winter. Is there a better way to melt ice and snow? Wouldn't know it because here in Michigan we SALT! 

Anyways what that means is that most likely your boots are going to get some sort of salt stains. Like my favorite boots did. 

Don't worry though, I fixed them and you can fix yours too! I found this pin on Pinterest and followed her basic instructions to fix my beautiful boots!

1) body wash
2)wash cloth
3)1/4 c vinegar
4) 1/2 c water
5) Spray bottle

1) use body wash and wash cloth to clean your boots from any dirt or debris on them. 

2)mix together your water and vinegar.

3) Pour in spray bottle and spray on boots - wipe with clean wash cloth.

4) let dry. Mine turned really dark when they were wet so I was really nervous that I had destroyed them for-ev-er.

Turns out I was just being dramatic (shocking) and they dried just fine. These boots have seen me through a lot of years and they have battle scars to show for it. Now that they are salt-free, which is the way to be, we can go on with our love story. 

Do any of your boots have salt stains? Have you fixed them?? Does your state use salt?If not, count your blessins. 


  1. I didn't even know they were salt stains! I took these boots (that I'm wearing now) up to KS, so that makes more sense now ;) Good to know!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :)

  2. I am so glad I could help!! It's something I deal with all. the. time!

  3. Whew!!! Glad they weren't ruined.
    I usually wear my uggs in salty snow but today, I actually had to wear my black leather boots & have scared to death I'm going to have to step in salted snow... so I need to pin this post!


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