Friday, February 27, 2015

The Bikini Debate

This is my own personal Bikini Debate. And it is two-fold. 
1)Should I wear a bikini at all?
2)Which one should I buy?

I recently wrote a post about my desire to cancel my Victoria's Secret magazine. In this post I talked about how much I don't appreciate those underwear models coming into my house uninvited. I also wrote about how my friend Casey told me that once I got married I would be way more aware of other woman's attire around Philip and my own attire around other people's husbands. Well she was right. Last year I bought a 1-piece bathing suit. Voluntarily. I wasn't even going to church camp!

Last year I also wore a shirt over my bikini 99.9% of the time. Something happened to me. Even around family I was just kinda like "or. OR. I could keep tank top  on"  This mindset made for a very pale stomach. Woo I was glowin' in the dark! 

Besides that I wasn't/am not completely in love with my stomach. I may be small but I am not very fit. - Well I started my yoga journey in September so since then I has for sure gotten stronger. But that's not the point. 

The point is this- if I am not ok with supermodels in their underwear being seen by my husband how is it then ok for me to wear a bikini on the boat or at the pool? Are underwear and Bikinis the same?

I don't think they are. I think underwear is naughtier it's sexier. Usually models are in the process of taking it off in the picture.  While giving bedroom eyes. 

If you didn't know - I am going to Hawaii in April for 12 days! Even though I am TERRIFIED of flying I am really excited about it! Philip and I have been doing the 21 Day Fix in order to get healthy but I am planning on doing it again the 3 weeks leading up to vacation to get more beach ready. So after all of my hard work I might want to wear a bikini. In Hawaii! 

I probably won't be posting any pictures of my full frontal bikini on Facebook or this blog. But I will probably lay out in one. But then what about any unsuspecting males on the said beach?? Well it's not like I am going to be taking pictures of myself, photoshopping them and then mailing it to your house.

I've heard people say modesty is more about your mind set and heart than your clothes. I don't think this gives me license to walk around butt naked but I do think lounging by the ocean with my man in a bikini won't send me to hell. 

SOOO With all of that being said...
Philip told me that we can afford for me to get a new bathing suit for Hawaii! I AM SO EXCITED! So I have it narrowed down to a few choices. (I am still not sure if I will even a bikini) this is where you come in! Every bathing suit I have bought for the past, oh 7 years, has been red, white, and blue, nautical and/or had an anchor on it (shocking!) So I want to branch out! There are other others out there besides Navy, Coral, Yellow, Red, and White. At least that's what people tell me!

So here are my choices! (Mind you I will never look like those models and I will try and get a bigger size in the tops to help keep cleavage to a minimum)

A)Philip doesn't like the colors in this one but I like that is looks like a sports bra and has more coverage

B) This one is reversible and would be like 2 in 1!
C) This one's back is the coolest! I am not crazy about the bottoms but it is reversible to black as well.

D) This is one is only sooorta nautical. 

Thanks For Voting! 

What do you think about Bikinis? 


  1. I LOVE THE GRAY AND PINK ONE! like SO MUCH. that one. the coverage. i love it. <3

  2. I wear them and haven't thought a ton about it in the past... I mainly am just with Colby when wearing one and of course if I'm with friends would make sure all the main areas are definitely covered!

    Have SO much fun on your trip!

  3. I love the teal & black with the awesome back... so cute! I'd be stuck in it forever though. I never do good with lots of straps... its like a maze of confusion

  4. Thanks! I think bikinis are fine in the right setting...i just I don;t know sometimes I feel like I have a double standard.

  5. haha! I love that one, too! I just hope i wouldn't break an arm getting in and out of it!

  6. I love that one too! I just don't love the colors as much...sigh

  7. I love option D! I used to wear bikinis all the time and then after getting married, I just felt awkward wearing them around other people especially people that I knew or other men. Most of our friends are friends we made at church and are married so it would be super awkward for me to barely have anything on in front of them, haha. There aren't many one pieces that are that cute but thankfully I got a sweet coral one at target! Anywho, I think you should go for the last one!! If I ever went to Hawaii and was just gonna be laying on the beach with my man, especially after working my butt off to get in shape, I wouldn't worry about a two-piece.

  8. Thanks! I love that one, too! I love them all! I can't decide! I am glad I have a 1-peice that I can use while at home. But this is Hawaii - I want to look cute. I don't feel cute in a 1-peice!!

  9. Just found your blog and I love it already. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate that you're making your thoughts about bikinis public. Personally, I agree with the modesty mindset idea to a certain extent (and agree that being naked but having a modesty mindset isn't a real thing.. haha). There are modest bikinis and there are skimpier bikinis. Ultimately, if you're comfortable with it and your husband is comfortable with it, you should wear whatever you wish. I hope you're both loving Hawaii, and whichever swimsuit you chose.

    Sorry for the long comment, I look forward to following along with your blog in the future! :)

  10. Thank you, Sammy! I am so glad you found your way here!! I decided on buying a tankini and I wore my bikini when no one else was really around! I felt like it was a good compromise.


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