Thursday, January 14, 2016

Real Tips for Registering for Baby - a Rookie's Perspective.

Disclaimer: I am a first time mom and I am not, in anyway, an expert on well, anything baby related. This is from my experience. 

When I was still suffering from Baby Fever I would go to baby showers and day dream about my own one day. It seemed to far away and something I wouldn't need to worry about for years. Then I blinked and it was time to think about my own. Christmas time was super busy here at our house, and I am sure everyone else's house, so I said that after Christmas we would register. Well before New Year's I couldn't contain my excitement anymore and Philip agreed to go a few weeks ago.

Since I am a rookie I reached out to all of my mommy friends on Facebook and get their tips and tricks for registering. 

Holy Overwhelming, Batman! 

I got all kinds of advice from "register for everything you think you might need!" to "Babies don't need that much so - just register for swaddles" and everything in between. A few people told me I will want to try different bottles, diapers, pacifiers, wipes so just get a few of everything. People told me to bring snacks, water, and a sleeping bag because I would be there for days! Slightly dramatic, but you get my point. 

When we went to Babies R Us  and started the adventure. Our strategy was:
  •  pick the healthiest items whenever possible
  •  get gender neutral items whenever possible 
  • not to get overwhelmed
So- post registry - here are my tips, from a rookie.

1) Don't limit your choice to just one kind. 
I had heard that I should pick a few kinds of diapers, wipes, bottles, and pacifiers. Easy enough, options are good. Except there are 6,000,000 options. Glass, plastic, Avent, Dr. Brown's, 4oz, 8oz, inserts, no inserts, nipple sizes. It's enough to make your head spin - and that is just bottles!

We went a little crazy here because we didn't know what in the world we would need. I fully intend on breastfeeding but I also plan on having Philip feed her so I can, ya know, poop without her. I wanted glass because I know it's the healthiest option, I wanted Dr. Brown's because that was the overwhelming response from my momma friends. But I couldn't let that just be what I picked, what if she hates those bottles?! So I zapped a few more options on there.

2) Testing Things Out 
I know that I won't really know what we will prefer, or want, or need until she is actually here among us in the flesh, but I wanted to still play around with some things to see if I would like them. We picked up a few car seats, pushed a stroller or two, bounced some bouncer, used a few breast pumps (not really) and we picked the items we liked the best.

We picked the Graco FastAction Click Connect Jogger Stroller & Infant Car Seat - Tropical. The seat was the #1 pick of Americans - and I figured they had to know something - the car seat the light. And the color reminded me of my color inspiration for Hawaii not to mention it sorta goes with the nursery

3) Fun/ Girly Items
So I stated above that my strategy was to try and get gender neutral items. I was holding fast to that until Philip told me I should probably lighten that up a bit. "Sorry, daughter, everything you own is gray because we thought maybe one day you would have a brother" so then I went for it and indulged in some super cute and girly things! I mean loook at these bath toys! A floating tea set? I can't. even. deal. 
A lot of the items we got were the "boy" version because I didn't want everything she owned to be PINK or PURPLE! But there were a few items I let myself go for. I also decided to just go for it and pick a few ridiculously expensive items. Like the Mamaroo - a $269 swing. Over indulgent? Absolutely. Would it awesome if we got it? For sure. 

4) Going to another store
I was hopeful that I would get everything I wanted from Babies R Us but I wasn't relying on it. There were some things at Babies R Us that I just didn't like and I knew there would be cuter options at Target. Since I we found the bulk of the items we needed and wanted at Babies R Us I didn't even bother going to Target to set up a registry. I added cute crib sheets and a lot of Honest Company products! 

I also found this website My Baby List it has a bunch of pre picked items on it that you can quickly add OR, the part I love, you can add items from anywhere on the web. 

5) Don't over think it. Ask for advice, read blogs, do your research. But ultimately, have fun with it! You can always edit your registry online or go back to the store. You don't have to do it all in one day - and even after your showers you can go back and return/exchange items! 

What are the top tops you have for registering for a baby??

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