Friday, January 16, 2015

5 things Baby Fever Sufferers Understand

It is no secret that I have Baby Fever. I regularly day dream about having a baby. These are 5 things that I think are super common for Baby Fever Sufferers like myself to go through.

1. I want the bump. Every time I have a carb heavy meal I catch a glimpse of my little food baby in the mirror and just oo and awe at it. Little Baby Breadstick looks good on me! I really only gained the weight in my stomach - from the back you can't even tell I am pregnant. 
Everyone knows someone who is the cutest pregnant lady, ever. If you don't just get on Pinterest and search "Pregnant Fashion" Baby Bumps are frickin' adorable! 
2. Every time  I see a sleeping teeny tiny baby I think "I want one that looks like me!" I'll be honest the crying ones don't make me want one as much. But it's the teensy tiny, itty bitty, fresh from the oven, all they do is sleep- those ones, that is the kind I want in a "Mary and Philip please" So I have 1 nephew and he looks like my side of the family! He is literally the cutest baby in the whole entire world. 
Here's a story. The other day my whole family was together and I was holding TP and we were next to Philip. (I think Philip is super cute and hot) My husband has a nose, and he is Polish... Ok well TP leaned over and kissed Philip's nose. Just kissed it. I can't deal with that cuteness. My heart melts. 
3. Going in a store that sells baby shoes is too much. Let's get real here, anything small is adorable. Baby shoes, little onesies, little hates, little gloves. I can't deal with them. They are overwhelmingly cute and small. 
4. There are those kids that make my uterus ache. There is a family at our church who give me the worst baby fever ever. The dad works on staff with my husband they have 2 little blonde daughters. Philip and I are blonde so I am pretty much banking on having a blonde baby. And these girls, oh my gosh, they are the cutest. They dress insanely cute, they're blonde, they love to listen to the band at church and they dance the whole time. Since my husband is a worship leader - I can't take it! It's like looking into the future! 
5. When I think about labor I think "eh I'm actually ok" I try to be informed about labor. Labor is horrifying to me so I want to prepared. I ask all the women I know about their labors, and I read a lot of blogs where women tell their birth stories. This is when the Baby Fever starts to break. Even hearing about epidurals makes me feel weak at the knees. I hate spines, I hate needles the combination of the too is nauseating. Hearing about 30 hours of terrible and intense pain, the tearing, the pushing, the pooping, then the whole facade starts to fade. I think to sum up my fears in one picture it would be this:
This is actually a picture of our dear friend's baby, Josie. She is adorable and so much fun! Thank you Rachel for letting me share this picture! 
So that's it. 
Do you have Baby Fever? Do you agree with these? What did I miss?

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  1. you're adorable. being in the newborn stage right now, I agree with these things...and I'm glad to be done with #1 and #5.

  2. I think I'm on a whole different level since we having been dealing with infertility for 3 years! My list would look a little different ;)

  3. "I'll be honest the crying ones don't make me want one as much."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. STOP!!!! so funny and so true. also even though I'm nowhere in a position to create a human being, I think little babies are cute in little baby clothes. so basically I just want to dress a small tiny human.

  4. oh and i want to give it a name, too.

  5. Hate to tell you, the longing for a baby NEVER ends... & that's when grandbabies come along :)

  6. Little Bitty Baby things are so cute. I always just look through the shoes and clothes because they are so tiny!

  7. Stephanie GriffioenJanuary 16, 2015 at 5:14 PM

    agreed. totally. but labor was no big deal to me. the thing that makes me say "eh, i'm okay" is giving up preworkout mix and not getting to go all out hard on my workouts. and starting from scratch on my fitness after the baby is born. hmm. I'm seeing a trend here.

  8. Labor was so extremely easy for me - and I just had my first last month. I was 8 days over due so I thought it would be so painful! I checked in when I was 5cm dilated after having regular contractions. I didn't take any medication at all - just gas to help with the contractions while getting dilated. The contractions were the hardest but the labor was a piece of cake. I pushed for only 15 mins, and out came our baby - no rips tears or anything and I didn't even scream. I was up walking around right after and couldn't wait to leave the hospital. Oh - and I have about 50 pairs of baby shoes. cant wait for our little one to wear them!

  9. I can totally relate... I squeal when I see certain baby clothes!

  10. man! I can't believe labor was so easy for you! That is amazing! 50 pairs? I LOVE that! Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

  11. I have to really work on not buying them all. the. time!

  12. Stephanie GriffioenJanuary 21, 2015 at 12:40 PM

    my secret? i'm a bad a**
    I mean uhhh I don't have a clue haha

  13. This is too funny! I'm thinking an itty bitty Piasecki would be what would make this world complete!!!!

  14. Haha thank you! One day I will make a little Piasecki! :)

  15. you are a bad a!! haha I hope I can have your luck!


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