Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Baby Girl P - 25 weeks

Week: T W E N T Y - F I V E 
Baby is as big as an: Califlour  
What is going on in the womb: Baby Girl P is further developing her hearing and her little lunge. 
How is Mom? I am tired! I'm not compleltlty exhausted like I was in the first trimester but I'm tired. I still enjoy going to bed early and wish I could nap every day. I get occasional heartburn but if I'm consistently taking my Ninxiga Red drink from Young Living it's really not an issue at all. 
Cravings or food aversions? All I can think about is Taco Bell. Morning, noon, and night. Baby Girl wants it, but I think it's disgusting. I crave coffee a lot but since I'm only drinking decaf every other day or so, I might just be tired. 
Philip: He is amazing. I'm really quite in love with him. He's been working so hard at finishing the basement and clearing out the nursery. He loves to feel Baby Girl P kick and he diligently lays hands on her every night and prays for her. And he prays that the labor will be fast and safe. Whatta guy. 
Total Weight Gain: I am up 20 pounds from my pre baby weight. I think most of it is belly. However, my hands aren't as bony and my thumb ring is now my wedding and for the time being. 
Sleep: sleep is my favorite activity ever. It hasn't been that bad since my midwife told me I can sleep in my back still. 
Best Moment of the Week: getting a clean bill of health from the mid wife. She said everything looks great so far!! The report from the doctor was all clear and she's healthy! Also Kona is starting to get kicks in the head by her little sister. It's hilarious to see my belly jump and the. Kona look around super confused. It's hilarious. 

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