Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Baby P // Week 5

There was a bit of confusion last week: I am now 12 weeks along but I had these posts written along the way so I wouldn't forget everything :) 

Week: F I V E
Baby is as big as an: Appleseed
What is going on in the womb: Baby P is forming all the building blocks for the major organs. 
How is Mom? I feel like puking a lot. But it goes away fairly quickly. I got really nauseous at church and had to run and get a bottle of water. My boobs HURT and are all kinds of heavy. Like sometimes I find myself carrying them when no one else is around. Other than that I am basically just exhausted all of the time and I have to pee out of no where really bad. I am so glamourous. 
Cravings or food aversions? I cannot get enough cheeseburgers!!!! Philip had mayo the other day and I started dry heaving, so that's cool. 
Prayer for baby: Praying everything is going great in there, praying s/he makes it full term. 

My Dearest Appleseed,
I love you so much. You are so tiny but you are having a large effect on me already. You appear to really, really enjoy cheeseburgers. Turns out you hate when Philip (you shall refer to him as father) eats mayo...I hope and pray I am a good mom for you. Keep growing strong and I will do my best to eat good stuff for ya and keep you safe.
Mary. But you can call me Mother Mary.

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