Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Baby P// Week 14 & 15

We're just skipping over week 13. I couldn't get a good picture. Here is week 14's picture:

Here is week 15's update. 
Week: F I F T E E N 
Baby is as big as an: Avocado 
What is going on in the womb: Baby P is squirming around, all of his/her joints can move, and s/he might even be doing cute wittle hiccups! 
How is Mom? I am doing so much better! The second trimester is where it is at, man! I have more energy, I am not nauseous at all. I am, however, weepy. I sometimes cry and I don't know why. My bump is growing at a fast pace, I am pretty much only in maternity clothes now. 
Cravings or food aversions? Mmm I just have not had an appetite at all. For anything. ever. except ice cream. 
Philip: He is very excited, he has been working hard on finishing the basement so that we can move all of the stuff in the office down there to make room for the baby. He is also so supportive, and so handsome. 
Total Weight Gain: I am up to 7 lbs now!! Makin' gains! (It feels like it's in my belly and face though)
Sleep: Pretty terrible. Sleeping on my side is the worst. My hips are achey and sore. 
Best Moment of the Week: I FELT THE BABY MOVE!! It seems way too early but, at the same time, it was the weirdest gas bubble/flutter/move on a weird diagonal sensation that I have never, ever, ever, ever felt before. I choose to believe it was Baby P!!

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