Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baby P// 6 Weeks

Week: S I X
Baby is as big as a: Sweetpea
What is going on in the womb: Baby P is developing his/her cute wittle face! There is also a little bump but I am 90% sure that is from the mac and cheese and cheeseburgers haha!
How is Mom? This was a surprisingly good week for me. I had a ton of nausea for a few days but it got better toward the weekend. Had some other ehem, digestive issues. I had my first doctor appointment, that was so surreal. Sitting there, alone, with just a sheet over me, it all started to become very real. very, very real. 
Cravings or food aversions? This week I could not get enough mac and cheese. I also really wanted guac and I opened a new package and it was soupy - I dry heaved.
Prayer for baby: Dear Jesus, please let me be a good mom to this baby. Continue to keep baby safe and growing healthy. And please, let his/her entrance into this world be quick and easy :) Amen
Anything else? So I had my first appointment with my doctor this week. But I really do not think I want to have a doctor at my birth. Just a midwife and a doula. Philip and I are meeting with MidMichigan Midwifery in a few weeks. I asked my doctor about working out and as he slammed his fist into his palm he said "I would avoid jet-skiing and horseback riding" Point taken. 

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