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Show Me Your Town - Earth Day

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Hello, Friends! I have been away from you for so long! As most of you know I was in Hawaii for 12 days! The trip was amazing and I can't wait to tell you about it! When I came home I was fighting a major cold that is still kicking my butt! That, topped with a jet leg, I have been out of commission from blog land! Today Amanda and I from Amanda Moments  are hosting and co-hosting respectively a link up of Show Me Your Hometown! I love Michigan and where I live so I jumped at the chance to do this link up! Thank you, again, Amanda for allowing me to co-host with you!

Earth Day is April 22nd so this month's theme is the environment/ weather/ climate.  I hope you will join us this month and link your post at the bottom!

As I previously mentioned I am from Michigan. I have primarily lived in the Metro Detroit Area my whole life, though as a kid most of my memories were etched in Northern Michigan, or as local people say "Up North". The line at which part of the state is considered Up North varies person to person, town to town, or county to county. Where I spent long summer days and chilly summer nights around bonfires was on the shores of Crystal Lake in Frankfort, Michigan.

Most people from Michigan have a lot of Michigan pride, we love our Tigers, our fresh water lakes, our Vernor's and our Summers.

Personally, my favorite part about Michigan are the lakes. We are the Great Lakes State. Not only are we a Mitten surrounded by the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior) we have more than 11,000 inland lakes! That is A LOT of lakes, a LOT of fresh water, and a LOT of beauty.

This time of year, Spring, Michiganders are coming out of their winter holes, pulling out their shorts, flip flops and starting to remember why we live here. Interstate -75 North will soon be jam packed every Friday afternoon as everyone flocks Up North with their boats racing behind their vehicles, anxiously awaiting the first day it is warm enough to launch the boat! Soon 75 South on Sunday afternoons will be a complete stand still as Metro Detroiters hesitantly head back home after weekends of boating, camping, bonfires, and taking in breathtaking views.

I now live in a town that ironically does not have any lakes. I didn't think it was possible to have an entire town without lakes. But my heart belongs to Michigan's Lakes. I grew up on a small lake, not quite big enough for motor boats but plenty big enough to get stuck in the middle with a canoe.

I pledged my life to Philip on the Shore of Deer Lake, which will not always hold a special place in my heart. Not only did I become a Mrs. on the lake, but I learned to wake board! I look forward to bringing future children here and teaching them how to swim, just steps away from where we got married!

My hometown is technically Rochester, Michigan, but I can't say that in good conscience. My hometown is divided into three bodes of water that will always feel like home to me. Crystal Lake, Deer Lake, and Tamarack Lake.

Tell me about your town! What is your favorite season, type of weather in your town? 

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