Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Game Night!

 If you know me in "real life" you know I love board games. I talk about how much I love playing them on the reg. I think it is because I love winning, and I love talking. Hanging out with friends is awesome and I love it, but I talk way too much to be able to sit and watch a movie. Board games allows me to chat, laugh, and win.

Some of my favorites are Settlers of Catan, Settlers of Catan: Cities and Knights, and Pandemic. But I will try any game once.

 Hi, Brad.

Useless cards! I am trying to build a road!
Philip always takes an early lead and I always issue a trade embargo on him!

My favorite times are playing games with friends. Thanks to Brad and Karen for letting me snap pictures of them while we taught them Catan. 

Do you like to play board games? What is your favorite game to play?


  1. That looks like something my husband and I would like! I'll have to check it out!

  2. I never heard of this game. It looks like fun.

  3. I am a game FREAK!!!! I love them all!!! ... though I've never heard of this one.
    We love Sequence... & classics like Scrabble.

  4. LOVE board games. Beyond Balderdash is, BY FAR, my favorite!!! Closely followed by Yahtzee!

  5. I love games too! My preferences are Sacttergories or Catch Phrase.

  6. oh those games are awesome too! I am so competitive that they stress me out haha!

  7. You've never heard of Catan!?!? Oh. my. Gosh! ITS MY FAVORITE


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