Friday, January 2, 2015

January Goals

Happy 2015!! Yesterday I spent most of the day not doing anything because I felt really terrible. Today is a new day! My New Year's Resolution are off to a much better start! If you didn't catch my 2014 Year in Review you can find it there so see how my year went. I am super, super excited for 2015! A lot of really awesome things are in store! I started doing Monthly Goals in October and I dig them because they help keep me accountable! So I am going to catch you up on my December Goals and then roll out my January goals.

December Goals:
  1. Finish one of the 6 books I have going. NOPE.
  2. Keep up with the She Reads Truth Advent reading plan Crap.
  3. Finish Christmas gift shopping and wrap presents This, this I did! 3 days before Christmas!
  4. Launch Yoga page Yoga Page went live December 11th!
  5. Plan trip to Germany when Vanessa my sweet German cousin/little sister comes to visit. I mean we talked about it but we didn't get exact dates. 
  6. See a Christmas play I saw A Christmas Carol with my mom and mother
  7. Research Pastor/Ministry Wife Series I reached out to someone for my first interview but I have not scheduled it. Baby steps, people. 
  8. Be a better wife. I don't think I was a worse wife. 

January Goals:
  1. Do yoga everyday
  2. Take a picture every day for the #kissmyselfimsopretty15 challenge 
  3. Post 1st installment in Pastor Wife Series
  4. Plan Posts
  5. Finish a book
  6. Finish a Bible reading plan
  7. Go through house and get rid of junk

Starting off the year slow. Put I hope it will set the year off to a smooth start! I can't wait to see what this year brings! 

Do you have goals for January? Did you post about them? Link them below I would love to see them! Are you joining in for the photo challenge?


  1. haha - I love that you weren't a worse wife :) That counts!
    Hope you're feeling better today!

  2. Yoga everyday!! Wow! I would love that!

  3. Great goals! my goal is to eat less french fries and work out more lol

  4. Haha I am glad it counts! Feeling much better, thank you!

  5. Thank you Whitney just trying to keep it real haha

  6. So far, so good! but i am not that far into January I bet by the 15th I'll be struggling

  7. hahaha also great goals! I love french fries!

  8. Nice goals. I pray you are able to meet them.

  9. Great goals! Good luck! You can do it!

  10. Thank you! i hope, with God's help I will be able to!

  11. Thank you!!!! I sure as heck hope so haha

  12. high five for goals! i gotta have them now...only way I stay on track! and amen to number seven.


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