Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finding Your Perfect Man

You guys. I am so not an expert on this subject. I am not sure what exactly makes someone an expert on any given subject though. I know I have successfully found my perfect man one time. Does mastering a subject mean I have to be able to do it more than once?

Back in 2009 I was doing this "awesome" Internship down in Texas. Somehow by some bizarreo twist of fate I became the room leader over 5 other girls. So I had to run a room meeting with them and I got this idea from my friend Ava. I instructed everyone to make a list of qualities we would like to see in our future husbands and put them in 3 categories:
  1. Must haves
  2. Would likes 
  3. Why the Heck Nots
I made this list on June 29th, 2009.
Just for fun Philip and I looked up what he was doing that day on Facebook.
"Working at Day Camp until 5" 
So were the days of writing your whereabouts on the Book to keep your peeps informed.

And to put it in perspective here is what we looked like in June of 2009
 Philip, looking all kinds of fine at a mere 18.
Me, 20 years old, winning an award on my missions trip after I had taken out my cornrows. Complete with the hottest sweatpants you've ever seen. 

So this is my list that I made when I barely knew who Philip was: (in bold are the results)

Must haves:
  • funny He cracks me up on the reg
  • listener poor kid HAS to listen to me all. the. time.
  • motivated graduated in 4 years and got his dream job before graduation 
  • understands me for the most part, I am a complicated creature
  • delights in me He thinks I am hysterical and cute
  • manly by my definition; yes
  • clean (as in hygiene) YES!
  • pursurer Philip was the ONLY guy to ever pursue me. 
  • a relationship with the Lord that makes me want to have a better one 100%
  • dreams that align with mine I wanted to marry a worship leader, he wanted to be a worship leader
  • gets along with my family oh the fam loves PP
  • can carry on a conversation he's all kinds of chatty.
  • family values I don't remember exactly what I meant but he has good values and wants a family
  • has a father's heart he wants kids...past Mary was a little vauge 
  • has integrity so much
  • deep thinker too deep for this blonde 
  • has a good relationship with his family The Piasecki's are the sweetest family! 
  • calls me out on things oh yes, I can't get away with nothin' ("'can't get away with nothin' that's a double negative", he says)
Would Likes:
  • plays guitar check
  • pursues self growth he is always reading some sort of book to learn and grow
  • lives in Michigan that would be a yes but what I should have said is "and going to stay in metro-detroit or South Carolina" 
  • likes going for walks why did I write this? I don't like going for walks that much, but he goes with me when I ask
  • an athlete he is real good at the sports
  • likes to cuddle he is a great cuddler
  • likes to work out he does it but I don't think he lives for it
  • healthy I mean, I'm not either 
  • likes to water ski he is a wakeboarder and assures me this is much cooler
  • in ministry full/part time full time baby!
  • can teach me things sure he has much knowledge but I am not a good student
  • dresses well/open to change he has such good style AND open to suggestion
  • wants to adopt I don't have a deep pull to adopt anymore but we're both willing
  • has a little sister He has a little brother!
  • quality time love language I just asked him and he said "i don't know... quality time?'
  • musician as a stinkin' living
  • drives are there a plethora of guys out there that don't?? well, he does. 
  • taller than me 7 inches taller!
  • dances he has moves like Jagger - (literally just came dancing into the living room & he doesn't know what I am writing. )
Why the Heck Nots:
  • beautiful gorgeous even
  • gives massages I mean, yes. 
  • likes sports yes but I should have said "but can watch other things when the  big game is on"
  • rich nice and shallow, Mare. 
  • muscular arms, back, chest heart eyes emoji.
  • piercing eyes check
  • drives a Jeep he sold it to buy my engagement ring.
  • can cook he can grill!
  • twins in the family I don't want twins anymore, thankful this didn't pan out
  • owns a jet ski had one but it died before I met him
  • gets along with Abby's husband they get along swimmingly 
  • understands my love for Chocolate kid has the BIGGEST sweet tooth, ever
  • kissable lips hehehhehe, yes
  • likes to give gifts he is the most thoughtful gift giver!
Now that I have proved my expertise on the subject - I think you should make a list, too. I am not saying it'll work. I am not saying what you're looking for wont change. But, it will be really fun. And then you can pray over it and ask God to send you him. When you finally meet your soulmate; pull it out and see how he compares. Whoever you end up with he will the right one for you even if there isn't even one quality you were looking for at the time!

Did you make a list like this? Have you pulled it out recently? Do you think there is one person out there for everyone or would you just as happy with someone else?


  1. I made a list like this somewhere, but I have changed sooo much that it would be really funny for me to go back and read IF I could find it.

  2. This had me in tears - it's the sweetest thing I've ever read!!! "Drives" is my favorite, by far!!! I love how God not only gives us dreams and desires, but has already made way for those dreams and desires to come to be!

  3. This is so funny. I love it. A great list.

  4. I need to show this to my youth girls... I don't think they really realize the importance of waiting for a Godly man... not just the hottiest guy around.

  5. i think it is So funny to look back on it! I pretty much got what I had wanted but somethings are reallll head scratchers!

  6. aww thank you!!!! God really, truly blessed me beyond my wildest dreams!

  7. Thank you!!! I think I got a pretty good guy :)

  8. seriously!! Waiting for the right guy who loves The Lord is SO worth it!! I would be honored if you showed it to them :)

  9. Stephanie GriffioenJanuary 6, 2015 at 1:25 PM

    I made a list like this when I was, oh, 10. I read it after Rob got and I got married and he didn't match hardly any of them, except dark hair blue eyes and tall haha.

  10. Cute list! I love it!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  11. aww10? that is co cute!! Hey dark hair and blue eyes is something! haha I love it! and I love you, Stephanie!

  12. LOOOVE IIIITTTTT> you are cute and hysterical, btw.
    && i don't think i ever had a list and it might have actually caused me some heartache. i had #1 that he loves God more than he loves me. but within that there's so much more. summer of 2013 i dated this guy who always had to TELL me that he was making jokes and being funny and i had a blank stare. so i definitely knew that laughing, like real genuine laughing over the same things and because of the person, was a must have. and i don't think i could make one right now because it'd be so biased. ;)

  13. Wow! It looks like you truely found the man of your dreams! I made tons of lists. Mostly in my head or just out loud to a friend. But from what I remember, I think my husband is pretty spot on as well. :)

  14. I really did! I can't believe how much God blessed me! glad yours is as well!

  15. oh gosh, thank. you! I think you are SO freakin funny! and yeah bahahha just a SMIDGE biased!


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