Wednesday, January 28, 2015

6 Super Easy Tips to Help you Organize a Tiny Bedroom & Closet

Let's be honest here - my house is not clean all the time. I love having a clean and organized room but somehow - my room is not always like that. Friday I cleaned and organized my room and came up with BLANK tips to help you organize yours. Even if you have the tiniest closet - like I do.
1. A place for everything. In our house we have this issue of what to do with our pillows when we take them off the bed at night to sleep. It drove me nuts because they would just end up on the floor wherever they landed when we flicked them off. So I grabbed a basket we used for weights and decided that at night we would put the pillows we weren't using in there. So that way they had a place.
We went from:
I married a guitar player which translates into: Picks everywhere! He can never find any so he buys more. I decided to take an empty watch box and toss all the picks in there. Now whenever I see a pick on the ground, the coffee table, or while I am doing laundry I just toss in in the box. 
2. Make use of space. Philip loves hats and I love how stinkin' cute he looks in hats, so he has a lot of hats. But we have a small room and an even smaller closet. So there is no way to put the hats. We had nothing hanging on the wall about Philip's dresser so I decided to make use of that space and hang the hats.
I am so happy with the way that it turned out.

3. Make it Easy for yourself I am a lazy person. I wish everything was organized but the actual effort it takes everyday...woof. So here is what I do - I make it really easy for myself. Going back to tip#1 make a place for everything...even within your drawers. In my drawers and in my cubbies everything has a place. So when I am folding laundry I put everything in piles of which drawer and which pile they go in.
Then I take it to my room and it takes 4 seconds to put away because everything is in small piles and everything has a place. I just stick it there. The inside of my drawers look like this:
4.Don't be afraid to rework things. Recently our closet was just out of control. 
Nothing was in the right cubbies, sweaters were falling on the floor, nothing fit in the assigned cubbies.. it was bad. 
I went through everything we had and recategorized it. I hung up all of Philip's pants that are not jeans. I went through my sweaters and folded the ones that were being difficult. 

5. Change out clothes with the Seasons. When the seasons change our closet has to change. There is just not enough room in our closet for our summer and winter clothes. In the summer our bulky sweaters and heavier pants get put away and shorts and tank tops get pulled out. I always forget about the out of season clothes until I pull them out again. It's like getting a whole new wardrobe every season for $0!!

6. Be nice to your future self. Like I said I tend to be a little lazy at times and I just don't feel like folding my jeans and putting them away. But I have to think about my future self. My future self does not want to fold all my jeans and put them away. My future self does not want to rehang my earrings I wore last week. So be nice to her - do it now! And then your future self won't have to!

The rest of these pictures are just pictures of before and after of me being nice to my future self.



What are your tips?? Would you use any of these?


  1. It looks great! I'm always finding Nate's picks laying around too and think I'll have to steal the watch box idea. :-)

  2. It looks good. I don't like clutter so your tips are great.

  3. Great job!! Now I need to help keep it looking this nice...I'll do my best :)

  4. That jewelry holder is FANTASTIC!!!
    I need to use wall space for more productive storage

  5. the jewelry holder!! FOR REAL!!!

  6. Where did you get the jewelry organizer!?! I seriously need something like that since my jewelry is homeless at the moment.

  7. Thank you! Seriously so far that watch box has been my best friend!

  8. I got it at a fund raiser when my dad was sick. A guy from my old church made it and donated it. I don't know if he sells a lot of them but I can check!

  9. I think walls can be multi-functional! :) I love this Jewelry holder it really is so handy

  10. thanks I loooooove it!!! It is so handy!

  11. you;re so sweet babe! I appreciate you trying!

  12. I always try and then I always fail! haha, I need your help! Come over :)

  13. Ooo girl I would love to hahaha! But you can do it!


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