Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm Not Ready For Motherhood.

 Mother's Day was not too long ago. Philip and I had our mom's over for pizza and game night (obviously, because we love game night) It was a lot of fun spending time with out mom's and getting to honor them for the amazing women that they are.
But I'll be honest a teeeny, tiny part of me wished I was a mom already. I mean Philip and I want kids, we said we would wait until we were married 3 years until we had kids and honestly that is still the plan. But, my baby fever is ever growing. 

Just look at my Pinterest
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       And then I got a dog.

And I realized, holy crap, this is not easy. I have to be thinking about another living thing's bodily functions, sleep, food intake, and general happiness all the time!

Don't get me wrong, she is cutest most precious dog that has ever been. Everything she does it the cutest. Her little bark, her tiny nose, the way she prances, the brown over her eyes. Everything. I love that little dog. Every time she cries when she's in the crate I have to almost literally run out of the house so I don't cave and take her out.

But part of me is disappointed that the part of my life being carefree and selfish is over. We don't got more than an 5 minutes without talking about her. When she ate, how she slept, if she needs to go out, if she's eating enough, how cute she is, who she loves more. 

It never ends. I don't know if I am quite ready to be always thinking about another little life. I kinda wanna be selfish for a while long.

But I say that now and then I continue pinning into the wee hours of the morn the what to pack in my hospital bag and the c-section rates of the local hospitals. (btw the way...40%)


Were you ready for motherhood? Do you have a dog?


  1. Puppies will give you a crash course - for real!!!

  2. Your puppy is super adorable! I hear you on the baby thing. I don't think that I am ready either but if it happened I think we would be okay :)

  3. Yes, pups do that to us! I remember when we got our dog before we had kids. He was the love of our lives! I was ready for kids long before hubs. He finally realized he'd never be totally ready, so we just went for it. After baby came, I was kinda over the dog. I felt bad, but my priorities changed. Now that Claire is 6, we have a different, more kid friendly dog (our first dog was horrible with kids...part of the reason I was over him!) and she's the perfect addition to our home.

  4. i think there's a joy in offering someone your freedom, if that makes sense. like in saying "i used to do this but not anymore because this new life with you just absolutely trumps the past." the same could probably be said about marriage, or dating, or whatever. you'll probably never be ready. the world is big, there's a lot to see, there's always going to be something to be saving for… i think you'll just know when it's RIGHT more than when you're READY.


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