Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hawaii Day 3

On our third day in Hawaii we spent the morning by the pool and then packed up in the car again and drove to Waimea. We went up this road called White Road, followed it past No Trespassing signs and warnings of earthquake ruined paths up to what Nathan described as this breathtaking sight. So we set out and I said we would only hike for an hour and then turn around.

 After breaking laws and going down harrowing paths we went up to the viewpoint!
 aaaand it was covered in a cloud.

 Then we started the journey back down

 After we made it down we went back through the cow pasture and someone, I won't name names, decided to approach a calf. Then about 40 cows ran together, surrounding their young and started growling at us. I really thought this was the end for us. It had been a nice life but I was going to die in Hawaii. Death by cow.

Dinner that night was of course breathtaking, stinkin' Hawaii and your beauty.

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  1. Such beautiful pics! Love the little turquoise house and how green everything is!


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