Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finding out...THAT I AM PREGO!

You may or may not want to know the full story, with the weeks leading up to finding out, if you do, read on; if not, go ahead and skip down a bit and hop back in. 

Philip and I had been going back and forth about when we wanted to try and start a family. We have moved it back and forth several times but the deadline always seem to come up too fast. All that to say we were very much trying to reproduce. So I hoped everyday that I was pregnant but it was too soon to tell. We went to a wedding on August 1st and I thought I might be pregnant but I hadn't taken a positive test yet. I decided to get a glass of wine but I took one sip and couldn't finish the glass, just in case. 

The next day I came home from church and took my last test, a clear blue, a didn't have the box anymore so I didn't have instructions. So when I got 2 lines I started freaking out, I walked outside and showed Philip, we were both so excited. But I knew it was early and I had to be sure. So I googled "clear blue 3 weeks" turns out, you need a PLUS sign not just too lines. So I was a little devastated. 

Fast forward to Thursday, I took another test and I got the faiiiinest line. I ran out and showed Philip and he said "I think that's pretty clear" 
Philip and I were 99% sure I was pregnant and we were so so excited but skeptical somewhat. We went to a Tiger's game that day with Philip's dad and cousin - and I was pretty much bursting at the seams. We wanted a picture of Baby's First Tiger's Game. We didn't get one at the game of baby, but we got this one at dinner. 

The next morning I took a Clear Blue Digital test. LONGEST 2 minutes of my life so far. And then all of a sudden "Pregnant" HO-LY. CRAP!

I ran into our room where Philip was still fast asleep and I said "THIS ONE SAYS PREGNANT!" Philip: rolls over "it does?"
Me: and this one is digital!
Philip: "I knew it! My baby is havin' a baby"

Over the next few days, and really even today, I will randomly stop and go "whoa, I am going to actually give birth" But Philip and I are so excited! We can't wait until I start showing.

I am due, as of right now, April 15th! At time of writing I am 5 weeks and 2 days, we love our little Appleseed and we can't wait to meet him/her. 

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