Thursday, August 13, 2015

Kona's First Fourth of July

Last time I talked to you it was the 4th of July. I want to tell you a story about the day before the 4th. We went for a walk around the neighborhood, and all of a sudden WE WERE UNDER FIRE! I instantly froze to assess where the shots were coming from. With the tall trees surrounding us it was nearly impossible. It seemed to be coming at us from every angle. With every explosion of terror I ran faster and faster. Mom and Dad were in shock and just began laughing. I knew it was up to me to get the family to safety. 

After what seemed like a lifetime, I got my bearings and pointed us in the direction of our barracks. Mother and Father could not keep up with me in their delusional state. My paws dug deeper and deeper into the pavement, my eyes fixed on the horizon, I knew I had to get to headquarters, and I knew I would - it was my only option.

There seemed to be a cease fire, The Lord had heard my cries, I assessed Mom and Dad's state, took a short bathroom break and caught my breath. Then the attack continued again at full force. Mother and Father went in a deeper state of shock. I knew the situation was getting more dire by the second, I looked up and saw we were still 4 houses away from the barracks, normally a 10 minute leisurely stroll when you account smelling each mailbox post, 2 pee breaks, and bird watching. But not today, dang it, this day was about survivin'! 

As we rounded the corner into our driveway, oh blessed sanctuary, I begin to panic, I began to call out to mom to open the garge doors. She could not get the code to work, and I cursed god for not giving me opposable thumbs! 

At long last we made it into safety. I ran inside and collapsed in exhaustion. Mother and Father continued life as usual, completely unaware that I had just saved their very lives. Though, in retrospect, it is a blessing that they don't remember the terror that surrounded them. It has made me a better dog but they haven't been hardened by the streets, their sunny disposition remains. 
Ok, I am working really hard to get more posts out to you guys. I have been working on this one everyday since the last post. Man, those typing lessons are not paying off at all, I am still typing at a one word/day pace. I might have mom transpose my posts from here on out.

Until next time, 

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