Friday, July 1, 2016

Molly Grace - T W O Months Old

We did it! We survived another month! This month went by much faster than the first month. If you read my first month post you know that it was struggle city over here. This month was much, much better. After she hit about 6.5 weeks things got exponentially better. She stopped cluster feeding at night. That helped the most. I don't really even know when it happened, it just gradually slowed down and now, for the most part she only eats every two hours. Glory be!
She has slept, at most, 7.75 hours at a time. Two times we have put her down without directly feeding her and she slept. But that is pretty rare, she really is a fan of being nursed to sleep. So, naturally, I am terrified that I am forming terrible habits and she will never go to sleep on her own. She will be 10 years old and still sleeping in her Rock N Play - limbs hanging over the side, bottle of milk in hand. I suppose that is just a tad dramatic though. 

 We have started working on naps and so far she has slept in her crib for 30 minutes! Progress. How is so much of my life about sleeping, poop color, tummy time, and spit up? Not sure when this happened to me but it did. It did indeed.

The best part of month two is that since Molly doesn't need to be constantly eating she gets to spend more time with Philip. She LOVES him. They sing together, and she just stares at him whenever he is in the room. He can't get enough of her and thinks all of her little outfits are SO cute. Watching him be a Dad is the best. 

We took Molly to Chicago, a Tiger's game, and Summer camp this month. She did great. except it was 5,000 degrees in Chicago and did couldn't fall asleep so it made for a rough ride home on the train. Other than that we just fall more and more in love with her every day. Month two was so much better, thank you Sweet Lord.

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